This weekend at the Super Coda

Friday, 3/25. 8-midnight: The Super Coda presents –
8:15 – Nicole Zaray –
9:15- Loup Garou (Lowell, MA) – duo with Walter Wright (electronics) and Setheyny Pen (percussion)
…10:15 – Big Plastic Finger –
11:15 – Areni Agbabian and Valerie Kuehne present a musical deconstruction of dueling texts by Anais Nin and David Foster Wallace.

Saturday, 3/26. 8-midnight: Sean Ali presents The Super Coda
8 – Andrea Pensado (voice, electronics)
9 – Hag – Brad Henkel (trumpet)/Sean Ali (bass)/David Grollman (snare)
10 – Nahtal – Lathan Hardy solo
11 – Jake Henry (trumpet)/Dustin Carlson (guitar)/Devin Gray (drums)

Sunday, 3/27. NYC/CHICAGO collision. Featuring:
hashavehad (Broooklyn) –
Sea Whip (Chicago) –

About thesupercoda

A weekly experimental cabaret
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