This Week at the Super Coda

First of all:

    If you’ve yet to, please check out the kickstarter campaign we’re running to raise money for soundproofing at Cafe Orwell. It’s very important we raise these funds, we’ll be homeless if we don’t succeed.

And without any further ado, here’s this Week:
(All shows at Cafe Orwell unless otherwise noted)

THURSDAY 5/19. 8-11. Night of TRIOS.
Featuring ~
8 – Jeff Platz/Daniel Carter/Dave Miller
9 – Theresa Wong/Carmina Escobar/Frantz Loriot
10 – Ben Syverson’s CRACKED VESSEL

FRIDAY 5/20. 8-midnight. The Super Coda presents: DUCK CALLS AND HALLELUJAHS
8 – Duck That! w/Steve Norton/Angela Sawyer/Josh Jefferson.
Ducks are sometimes confused with several types of unrelated water birds with similar forms, such as loons or divers, grebes, gallinules, and coots. The word duck (from Anglo-Saxon duce), meaning the bird, came from the verb “to duck” (from Anglo-Saxon supposed *ducan) meaning “to bend down low as if to get under something” or “to dive”, because of the way many species in the dabbling duck group feed by upending (compare Dutch duiken, German tauchen = “to dive”). Duck That were once seen in the same room as Paul Whiteman, although they’d deny it if asked. Angela Sawyer, electronics and game calls, etc… Josh Jefferson, reeds and game calls, etc… Steve Norton, reeds and game calls, etc…

Then Starting at 9, The Super Coda welcomes Yva Lass Vegass, Tooth and Wail, and The Molasses Gospel! They are all touring together. Come Support

SATURDAY 5/21. The Super Coda according to Derek Morton. Show for the end of the World

9 – Mikey IQ Jones
NYC-based vocalist/percussionist/one-man bomb squad Mikey IQ Jones has presented frankensteined collusions of performance art theatrics, mutant soul harmonies, beatbox & extended vocal technique, kitchen-sink live sampling aesthetics, and onomatopoeic wordplay in solo performances since 2003. His otherworldly rhythms, created exclusively with the sounds of IQ’s voice and a small handful of household objects, have captivated crowds and crossed genre-lines, resulting in performances from CBGB’s and the downtown improv school to uptown hip-hop block parties and choreography collaboration.

10 – Scott Alison/Derek Morton
Scott and Derek are students and explorers of ciat-lonbarde technology. In this performance organic-sidrassi spiritual synths collide with dj-rigged f/x chains and irrational mixer platforms. One lonely sony vaio mic will tease and jitter a video composition in realtime by Derek Morton.
Scott Allison is a more recent transplant to Philadelphia, having spent time performing and organizing in Washington DC for many years. His work ranges from the quiet to the loud but always shows a visceral engagement with his sundry analog electronics. Scott also plays electronics in the freerock combo Kohoutek.
Derek Morton is in Brown Wing Overdrive and Mikroknytes and occasionally organizes shows.

11 – Dave Miller/Dave Scanlon
Dave Scanlon (from Killer Bob) will provide guitar and Dave Miller hits things, mostly percussion.

SUNDAY 5/22. Cafe Orwell hosts part of the Brooklyn Infringement Fest from 5-7. For more info –
Then starting @ 8, three traveling acts return to Brooklyn for One Night only. The Traveling Minstrels ARE:

8 – Tess Walkoski/Jason Adler
Tess Walkowski creates music which is a strange and seductive blend between performance art and punk, with an european accent. She trained in conceptual art, and this shows through in her music, which is viceral and direct in how she relates to the audience; holding the gaze while singing and drumming at the same time; positioning herself close to the audience. Her voice has been described as a mutant blend between Tom Waits and PJ Harvey.
Jason Alder is an electroacoustic bass clarinet improviser, pushing the edge of what is musically possible, creating richly textured and surreal sound worlds in which anything can happen: multiphonic chords melt together to make complex, otherworldly harmonies; microtonal melodies intertwine and clash; instruments are played in every unconventional manner, including half-disassembled, to allow for new acoustic exploration. The results of these experiments can be both exhilarating and meditative, beautiful and terrifying; still sounds, pure as snow, next to wild passages of gritty chamber-noise.
The musical culmination of these native Detroit artists will be an exciting, unprecedented event, as they venture from their current home in the fairytale city of Amsterdam for their US performances.

9 – CJ Boyd – Homeless Bassist.

10 – Noam Faingold Orchestra – London Impresario

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