This Week at the Super Coda

The Benefit Show was a success last night! We raised almost all the money needed to satisfy the kickstarter. I’ll be dropping the donations in soon, but in the meantime we still need to raise $500 dollars. We have til June 9th. Please help keep this going if you haven’t already:

And without any further ado, here is this week:

Wednesday, 6/1. 8-10: The Rex Complex and Railbird, two Brooklyn bands you absolutely must see, will be at the Super Coda the first 4 Wednesdays in June!

Thursday, 6/2. 7-10. Poetry Reading with Valentine Freeman, Ari Banias, Sarah McCarrey.

If you haven’t heard, this Weekend is Bushwick Open Studios. Bushwick waxes full of openings, events, and public art.
The Super Coda makes no exception:
Friday, 6/3. 7-10: Gabrielle Muller, Cafe Orwell’s new Art Director, will be presenting her first show, “Brooklyn Loves Philly”, featuring artists and musicians from both cities. Including:
Joanna Quigley, Kat Moran, Ryann Casey, Amelia Runyan, Paul DeMuro, Mary Price, Bobby Heinemann, Bobby Gonzales, Liz Thamm, Brendon Stuart, Gabrielle Muller, Austin Saylor Jackson, Hilary Price, Matt DeFillipo, Crystal Stokowski. Plus an outdoor installation by Oliver Warden, “Untitled Box”
The Art will be on display at the Cafe through July.

Saturday, 6/4. 9-midnight. The Super Coda presents Jazz that is all over the place and from all over the place. Featuring:
Kirk Knuffke –
Otra Gente (Luis Ianes/Carlo Costa/Ivan Barenboim)
Steven Ruel –

Come sweat some grace notes. And love life.


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A weekly experimental cabaret
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