This Week at the Super Coda

Tuesday, 6/14. 8-1130.
Cracked Vessel celebrates their last show before embarking on a European tour. Plus it’s Ben Syverson’s birthday! Ben says there’s gonna be cake!
And if that’s not enough of a reason there’s this music, too:

1.Yonis and Zack: Yoni Kretzmer – saxophone; Yoni Halevy – drums and Zack Lober – electric bass

2.Ingrid Laubrock – Sax
Dominic Lash – Double Bass
Federico Reuben – Laptop

1030 – Cracked Vessel
Ben Syversen-trumpet
Xander Naylor-guitar
Jeremy Gustin-drums

ps. In case you can’t make it to the show you can by Cracked Vessel’s album right here:

Wednesday, 6/15. 8-1030. The Rex Complex/Railbird Residency continues.

Thursday, 6/16. 8-11 A musical sandwich, with a classical septet in the middle.

1. A new trio by Sean Ali/Carlo Costa/Frantz Loriot

2. Achordial Brio – performing new compositions instrumented for oboe, english horn, bassoon, piano, bass clarinet, cello, violin

3. Allison Tartalia. Partner in crime of Achordial Brio.

Friday, 6/17. 7-11. Rhymes with Opera and the West End String Quartet. They will be taking over Cafe Orwell for the Evening. They are an organization that is committed to presenting opera in unexpected spaces. Excellent.

Baltimore composer David Smooke’s Criminal Element, composed for Rhymes With Opera and the West End String Quartet, is an experimental journey through the mind of the French rogue trader Jerome Kerviel, who nearly brought down the entire European financial system in 2008. The composer describes the new nonopera composed in a fabricated language as “exploring the possibilities of sound in order to consider issues of class and how minor errors can lead to dire consequences.”

In addition to the new work by Smooke, Rhymes With Opera and the West End String Quartet will perform short operas by composers George Lam (Boston) and Ryan Jesperson (Hartford). Lam’s thrilling mystery Someone Anyone holds us breathless as we follow a prostitute held hostage by her client, and Jesperson’s Orphée Redux beautifully re-imagines the Orpheus myth in 1980s New York. In addition, the West End String quartet will perform an opening set including works by Kyle Gann, Alfred Schnittke and Ruby Fulton.
There is a small cover for this show.

Saturday, 6/18. 730-midnight. Flaneur Magazine Release Party:

Sunday, 6/19. 8-10. A night of interesting electronics, grooves, and relaxation. A Double Bill featuring:
1. Les Bicyclettes Blanches (on tour from Paris) –

2.Osekre and the Lucky Bastards

A plus.


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