This Week at the Super Coda

Tuesday, June 28th. 730-11
1. duos/trios/large group exploration::
:: Dafna Naphtali (voice & live sound processing)
:: Sarah Bernstein (violin)
:: Jen Baker (trombone)
:: Stuart Popejoy (bass):: Andrew Drury (drums & percussion)

2. Johnny Butler SOLO

3. Jonathan Goldberger Group

Wednesday, June 29th. An improvised gathering from many points of the earth. Featuring performances by:
8 pm
1. Solomiyra Moroz/Dominic Lash/Valerie Kuehne

2. Carlo Costa/Joachim Badenhorst/Todd Neufeld

3. Brian Questa

Thursday, June 30th.
9:30 pm.
1. We’ll Tell on You.
The eerie blend of unusual instruments, vocal harmonies, Heidi Harris and Jessie Shaffer:
“… a dulcet blend of soulful electro-acoustic ranging from down-tempo moods to the swift and swarming. Her voice is a gorgeous force of nature, seemingly summoned and projected from the lore of a thousand years of love and loss. There is a whole galaxy of ambience below the surface of the songs in the form of literal bells and whistles, synthesizer drones, talk radio stations, cutlery jangles, and a perpetual breeze of harmonies, all of which coalesce and comply with the indelible folk influences in which Heidi is rooted.”

Friday, July 1st. Hungry Double Bill seeks you.
9 pm
1. Federico Ughi Quartet:
David Schnug – Alto Saxophone
Kirk Knuffke – Cornet
Max Johnson – Bass
Federico Ughi – Drums

2. Killer Bob (I love Killer Bob. They are one of my favorite groups. The first time they played the Super Coda I accidentally billed them as Sideshow Bob. Anyway, funny story, here they are properly named):
Steven Lugerner – Alto & Soprano Saxophone
Dave Scanlon – Guitar
Rob Lundberg – Bass
Max Jaffe – Drums

Saturday, July 2nd. Exotic Post-Classical Magic Spells and an Electronic Bassoon.
8:30 pm.
1. Kae Reed Ensemble:
Reed’s percussion performances go beyond traditional way, often reaching into cross-cultural genres and styles. She performs classical western percussion and world percussion in traditional and contemporary styles. Reed is also an improvising musician, an avant-garde soloist and chamber musician, performing electronic music in many collaborative projects and concerts. Recent collaborations have involved theatre groups, dancers, and folk/jazz/popular musicians. Recently, Reed has been performing with Middle-Eastern ensembles and sound artists, and is the sound effect creator/percussionist in the theater company Samurai Sword Soul (NYC). She has performed numerous world premiers, many of which were composed for her.

2. Brad Balliet – 10 minute solo electonic bassoon set.

3. Diana Wayburn Quartet
Diana Wayburn – flute/composition
Nathan Bontrager – cello
Michael Tepper – doublebass
Michael Paolucci – percussion

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