This Week at the Super Coda

TUESDAY – The Rex Complex Residency Continues on TUESDAYS in AUGUST. This Week opens with a duo by Jason Nazary/Ryan Ferreira/Adam Dotson/Nathaniel Morgan. 8:30-11

WEDNESDAYS In August the Super Coda presents Jason Anthony Harris.

A deep, processed voice spills over plains of minimalist electronics, and found-objects provide a staggered, polyrhythmic groove. It is a paranoid wash, a mangled synthetic mass. Jason Anthony Harris is a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter making experimental music with a soul.

After fronting various bands in New York, including the instrumental rock band The Grand March, Harris went solo with 2009’s “A Record,” an atmospheric & largely acoustic-based album. His low croon returned from a kind of hibernation, often only accompanied by the steady strum of an acoustic guitar. Harris’ current output has evolved and broadened in scope to create more percussive, layered and electronic pieces, sometimes completely improvised before an audience. His live experiments with vocoder, radio noise, and loop manipulation have provided a new method for exploring themes he once tackled with only guitar and voice. A recent show found him beating and scraping a wooden chair across the stage to create a bed of dissonant clatter to chant over. His performances are marked by on-the-spot composition, audience interaction and off-stage wanderings; these sets are specifically garnered to the particular night, mood and space.

He’ll be playing every week with a different exciting opening act. Shows run from 8-10. Here’s a page for the month’s listings –​vent.php?eid=1982451702321​93&ref=ts
This week features an opening performance by Storm Garner/Jim Krull/Sean Ali.

THURSDAY. 3 exciting new musical acts, 8-11. They are:
Daryl Shawn –
Josh Sinton/Dominic Lash –​uk/
Brad Henkel – http://bradhenkel.blogspot​.com/

Brad is playing twice in one week! I’m excited since it’s been a while since he’s played at Orwell. If you haven’t heard him yet you should this week because you have two chances, see below

FRIDAY. 8-midnight. The Super Coda Presents Baltimore/NYC Mash-up no. 2! Featuring performances by:
SuperSharpShooter! –​ch?v=EppXEcgd3b0
The Expanding Man –​expandingman
HAG (this is where Brad Henkel comes into the picture again, also David Grollman and Sean Ali.)
and a solo performance by Valerie Kuehne.​zolaleverkuhn

An early performance by Jeff Platz/Ras Moshe/Lindsay Wade/Daniel Carter and Dave Miller. Not to be avoided.​/carter.html​moshe

Also This Weekend is The Experi-MENTAL Festival at Goodbye Blue Monday!~ All weekend, most of the day and night, stop in to hear avant-garde music and performance. Created by Robert Pepper of PAS. I curated the music on Sunday the 7th. And I’ll be premiering a brand new piece with guitarist Chris Haack called Mildred Bonk! Check out the lineup and stop by, it’s free and healthy.​vent.php?eid=2128102820836​33

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