This Weekend at The Super Coda

And we’re back.

FRIDAY, September 23rd: 9pm @ The 19ths (59 Jefferson Street, #301 Brooklyn NY 11206)
The Super Coda presents Rinus van Albeek, Ezramo, Miguel Garcia, Elena Aitzkoa, Insect Factory, Hey Exit.

These performers hail from Berlin, Spain, Boston, DC. Come. listen. mull. support. consider.

Rinus plays more then one (mini-)cassette simultaneously, sometimes up to a number of eight. Recordings are played forwards, backwards or/and in a different pitch. In this mix of abstract and recognizable sounds, some of them are on the foreground, some of them behind a rumble and some of them might be spoken words in a strange or familiar language.Every now and then there are melodic sequences.

Ezramo’s research is focused upon the hidden archaic memory in music and upon the writing in its multiple forms. Working with concrète sounds, that are always in relationship with space and territory, means for her exploring her own history and identity intended as part of a collective memory.
Her works include compositions, videos, music for theatre and butoh-dance, live performances and installation in interactive and site-specific forms. Her main instrument is the voice, that she radically extends in its technical possibilities and combines with acoustic instruments like prepared zither, piano, percussion, theremin and with field recordings

Insect Factory is music from Silver Spring, MD musician Jeff Barsky. Insect Factory generally focuses on texture and mood, building layers of sound that slowly evolve into hypnotic and atmospheric drones. Insect Factory recently released a split 7″ with RST (New Zealand), and will release a full length LP on Fabrica/Insectfields in fall 2011.

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SATURDAY, September 24th. PAS presents Experi-MENTAL night (with a little help from the Super Coda): 7pm @ Exapno (33 Flatbush ave, Brooklyn NY)

Featuring performances by Carey Burt, Use Other Door, PAS (with special guests Loop B and Valerie Kuehne), The Tronic, Manburger Surgical.

Carey’s Problem formed in the summer of 1986 with Cindy Brolsma and Lisa Jenio, The Problem never quite reached its full potential but released the album “Arena of Shame” in 1990 and was produced by Dave Sardy. The song “Led Zeppelin” had college radio play and was featured in the Steve Zahn filmFreak Talks About Sex which played on Cinemax.
Gigi Disco Rock was formed in 1998 with friends and put out two CDs: “Will You Love Me?” and “More Songs For Clucky.” [5]
In 1992 Burtt worked with film director/painter Julian Schnabel on his cd Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud released by Island Records and produced by Bill Laswell (released 1995).

USE OTHER DOOR (Dzmitry Zhykh, Veranika Hryn) — an experimental duo from Belarus who currently reside in the United States.
Their first album “Electricity”, released on FF HHH label (Belgium), was called by “Ether Real” “hymn to the magic of electricity”. The team works in the form of total improvisation, in which scary mellow soundtrack meets radio waves, “purring, wriggling and bubbling machinery”, acoustic and electroacoustic elements. They use synths, effect pedals, self-found and self-made materials, home appliances and traditional musical instruments.

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A weekly experimental cabaret
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