The Super Coda presents: HalloweenAvantAvantAvantAvant

Ladies and Men. Esoteric and Absurd Ghouls become you.
For example: This Monday, 10/31, 8-1, @ The Delancey, The Super Coda teams up with Small Beast to present a truly Avant-Garde Halloween. Every group to grace the stage this evening possesses radical theatricality and/or sublime darkness. Here’s Johnny!!!!!!!!


8:30 – Brad Henkel
9 – Girls and God
9:30 – Reverend Screaming Fingers
10 – Cracked Vessel
1030 – Dream Zoo
11 – Little Band of Sailors
1130 – Borts Minorts
12 – Yva Las Vegass
12:30 – Pendulum Swings
1 – Doom Trumpet.

with Untitled Box 2.0 – an interactive installation.

Donations accepted with gusto.
A bottle of champagne to be given away to the best dressed beast.

A few descriptions to whet your palate:

Dream Zoo is a transposition of a dream, an absurd spoof on Classical Lieder of the early 20th century. Composer and frontwoman Valerie Kuehne pioneers a genre best described as Avant Storytelling, wherein genre playfully and impressively breaks down. Rock, jazz, and folk… idioms are evoked and laced with conceptualized improvisation, fed with the energy of a… late night punk show. Dark and childish emotions are conjured. Ms. Kuehne’s style has been compared to Harry Partch, PDQ Bach, Diamanda Galas, although she prefers to describe experience in general as uncategorizable. Joining Ms. Kuehne on this tour are Jeffrey Young on violin, Lucio Menegon on electric guitar, and Jason Anastasoff on upright bass.

Little Band of Sailors is the ensemble of theatrical rock collaborations crafted by Rachel Mason, whose lineup for this tour includes classically trained bass clarinetist Mara Meyer and punk drummer Vanessa Alvarez. Mason has been described as “Alice Cooper meets Carole King in another dimension” and “Mason is the real deal. She writes songs that are truly works of genius. Very few people invent reality like she does. Her songs are supremely, supremely powerful.” Mason’s work has been championed by Josephine Foster, with whom she has toured in the U.S. and Europe. In 2010, she self-released Code Flight, which was called “one of the greatest albums of all time.” Her upcoming album Woman with a Suitcase will feature a cover image by the historic conceptual artist John Baldessari, who recently exhibited his retrospective at the LACMA and the Met Museum. The album will be released digitally and on 12” vinyl in February 2012 on Shatter Your Leaves with production by Stu Watson.

Girls and God –
Dave Scanlon is a composer/guitarist/poet currently living in New York. His main projects are killer BOB, Pet Bottle Ningen, Zach Pruitt/Dave Scanlon Duo, solo guitar performance, and various chamber works. Dave was born in Michigan.He studied with Elliott Sharp, Vic Juris, John Wunsch, and Gerry Hemingway.

“If Salvador Dali had done music he would have paled in comparison to the truly eclectic Borts Minorts. One part performance art, one part manic techno musical extravaganza, all around fantastically mesmerizing. In his trademark unitard, and flanked by his accompanying backup dancers, Borts manages to blend more action into 45 minutes than a full week at the circus. Borts Minorts is Cirque du Soleil on acid, no chaser.”
Mike and Jenny Cash – SF WEEKLY

Yva Las Vegass

Venezuelan born Seattle native dangerously outspoken woman. Spontaneity broker and a shit talker. Can love anyone and will do it. Seeking truth without fear of being wrong cuz then I can be right. Have sang my way thru life and will do it till I die. I have learn to love all my faces and one day I’ll love yours too. Dream of being very old sitting on the beach eating fried fish on a dixie plate and dread the fear of loosing my life to someone else’s rage. Love soft girls lips and knock knock jokes. Have come all this way…might as well keep on going.

Cracked Vessel

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