The Super Coda Presents: Music for the Apocalypse.

Friday, December 16th. 8:30 – 2. NXTLVL @ The Tea Factory Lofts, 175 Stockholm, #102

This is funny. No, it is not. This is not funny. Yes, it is funny. Very funny. Very un-funny. Un-very. You are not. You are not very. Yes, very funny. Very un-you. You are you. Don’t be scared. The apocalypse is approaching, and these bands, ensembles, and projects make the top of the list for the Zeitgeist. Let’s take down Forbes, ya’ll. Let’s dance dance dancedancedance but not really.
The following performers will reinvent your eardrums and dissemble your psyche, in opposite order of appearance. No joke:

5 – The Rex Complex – Throughout modern pop culture, few acts have successfully walked the fine line between lunacy and ingenuity, while still making a prolific impact on the music scene. The Rex Complex, an experimental rock band residing in Brooklyn, NY, is without a doubt walking this line. Their style—hip hop tinged beats, joyous screaming, distorted accordion, and the odd crashing metal bucket or beer keg, not to mention their penchant for creative lyrical content– could draw them comparisons to Dirty Projectors, Tom Waits or the score to a lost Tarantino soundtrack.

4 – killer BOB – The formation of killer BOB was an accident. When a friend (visual artist Gavin Gamboa) of drummer Max Jaffe came to New York City to play a show, he asked Jaffe if he had a group that wanted to play. Jaffe said yes, although no such group existed. This was on Monday. On Wednesday, killer BOB played their first show.

3 – Dave Treut’s Clarify

2 – Cheating on New York – Cheating on New York emerged from a mixture of coffee grounds and whisky residue in 2007 in the form of two loud-mouthed New Yorkettes. Having fled the consumptive bustle of the Big Apple for the pleasant stagnation of the Old Country, they found each other trolling Vienna’s underpopulated Craigslist ads and making general mischief. Renee Benson (vocals, energy healing, beatzzz) and Meaghan Burke (cello, vocals) soon became New York’s unofficial, dirndl-clad, sailor-mouthed musical ambassadors to Vienna, and presented their undiplomatic opinions on both cities while impersonating yoga instructors, bedbugs, and nuns.

1 – Hannis Brown – Currently working with a number of artists, musicians, and directors in New York and Los Angeles, Hannis is becoming known for a unique and versatile compositional voice which pulls from such disparate influences as concert composers Bela Bartok and Penderecki, jazz great Charles Mingus, electronic musicians Aphex Twin and DJ Shadow and film composers Bernard Herrman and Elliot Goldenthal. “Oh Ah Ee,” Hannis’ debut experimental rock album, is garnering rave reviews and he is presently working on a commission for the world-renowned new-music ensemble ETHEL. He performs regularly with his own experimental rock and jazz groups.

With Projections by Liquid Light Lab

5-15$ Suggested Donation. Cheap drinks, food, no bullshit.

All hail Patrick, dark lord of experimental music.

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