Super Coda at Small Beast – 12/19

Behold the third installment of the Super Coda at The Delancey’s Monday night experimental cabaret, Small Beast.

in order of appearance:

8:30 – Admiral Grey – me and my twin make stuff inside our tree, then we throw stuff at people or give them gifts.

9:15 – Loop B – The percussion instruments form the other part of the story. Scrap of car: fuel tank, dashboard, door. Scraps computer: monitor, keyboard. Scraps of home appliances: washing machine, refrigerator, stove. And other unusual objects, as empty cartridges of bullets cannon, mannequin leg and swords toy, everyone becomes percussion instrument, enriching the music with their unusual timbres.

10:00 – Telenova (CD release!)
Isaac Jaffe and his band Telenovela will be performing their new album in it’s entirety.
Telenovela is:
Jackie Coleman – Trumpet
Nicholas Myers – Sax
Kirk Schoenherr – Guitar
Sam Levin – Drums
Isaac Jaffe – Bass and compositions
Lucas Brode (of Hannibal Montana) will join.

10:45 – Ellwood Epps/Ryan Snow/Will McEvoy/Valerie Kuehne
Will revel in your sinuses/hopes/dreams with a good old fashioned improvised quartet, which will grow into a bigger improvised ensemble, structured and no, led by the incomparable Paul Pinto, called XMTWRFS and featuring:
Jeff Young – violin, David Grollman – snare drum, Sean Ali – bass, Jason Anastasoff – bass, and Erin Rogers – sax.

11:45 – Emma Alabaster/Charlie Rauh – songs, explorations.

So yeah plus Small Beast = 2 for 1 well drinks and beer ALL NIGHT. Suggested donations for the performers. Hot booths for sitting.


About thesupercoda

A weekly experimental cabaret
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