The Super Coda presents: jJjay plus the Brooklyn premier of SLIDE LIFE

This is the first of many Super Codas that will transpire at Vaudeville Park this upcoming year. And Yipee-ki-yay is it a good one.
Doors at 8pm.

In order of appearance:

Joseph Keckler – is a singer and artist whose work takes form in music, interdisciplinary performance, video, and written narrative. He is interested in staging conversations among different art forms.
He was born in Michigan, in one of several towns that begin with the letter P and orbit the relative metropolis of Kalamazoo. He went on to train in painting and classical voice and move to New York City.
Joseph’s concerts and performances have recently been presented by SXSW Music, The New Museum for Contemporary Art, Joe’s Pub at The Public Theater, La MaMa ETC, NP Contemporary Art Center, SF MOMA, Abrons Art Center and many other venues across the country and abroad. He has been awarded residencies at MacDowell Artist Colony and Yaddo Artist Colony.

Jason Ajemian and the High Life – Mr. Ajemian has a unique background that is responsible for his some say contiobobberish (mr. koltuniac of the Wrigley company created it) or rather his almost psedo Yezidi vibe. Jason began his carreer after completing a masters degree in Ichthyology from the Bedford Insitute of Oceanography in Dartmouth Nova Scotia. His area of focus was and still is Otolith analysis. For those outside the industry otoliths are the socalled “ear stones” fish posess and upon scientific examination much can be revealed: primarily age. But there is more to learn from this: exact date of the egg hatch, daily details of growth rates, migratory patterns, etc. Mr. Ajemian’s attentian has been almost exclusively on the Family Sciaenidae, one of the most commercially important ones with over 33 species in the atlantic and pacific of north america. Mr. Ajemian, always seeking out the “loners” of the world caturned his attention back in 1990 the one called Aplodinotus grunniens, the only freshwater member of Sciaenidae-and actually the most widely distrubited freshwater fish in the longitudinal sence in North America. Through his studies of the “gaspergou” and the analysis of their otoliths Jason has been about to completly reconstruct past lives of these incredible fish. The family Sciaenidae has been well documented throughout history for the sounds they produce by vibrating the muscles attached to their bladders. It can be fairly loud-even heard outside of the water. Mr. Ajemian is sometimes willing to demonstrate this as he to can do it. These sounds. This socalled “drumming” is responsible for helping some of us “shake it loose.” Some call Jason “the Archie Carr” of Otolith research.

Jonathan Wood Vincent – has played music since the old days when his father would submerge beautiful flowers into steaming liquid nitrogen.
Early on, it was apparent that making art was utterly impossible. Despite this, he has played, recorded and toured as a pianist, accordionist, singer, actor, dancer, and other things with lots of musicians and artists. These include Masashi Harada who conducts bands by flapping his hands in faces around a recording studio with chains and ribbons and Katt Hernandez and Tatsuya Nakatani, free improvisers who reinvent their instruments every day, and Zack Fuller, post Mortem neolicious scary dancer, and post Torah folk rockers Girls in Trouble, and mainstream alt country singer songwriter Eileen Rose, and a multilingual stripper rap band called Un Cuerpo Exquisito, etc., etc.
He has recorded on Emanem, Sony, Kimshee, J-Dub, Stone Quarry, Generate Records, etc.
His newest project of complex yet tragically familiar piano songs connects the imbroglios between all of these projects to gently pierce your solicitous hearts.

PLUS the Brooklyn premiere of the music video “SLIDE LIFE” by Jason Ajemian and The High Life, Directed by Mollie McKinley. Follow the adventure of one Wilbur Hammer as he returns home to Appalachia from his travels to deal with his landlord (played by Chesterhill local Lord Bobby) and his blonde-beehived sweetheart, Darlene Hammer. Shot on location at the Harold Arts, Chesterhill, Ohio. Inspired by our local friend and Desert Shield veteran, Bobby, who along with his hand-made battle axe, makes his big screen debut.

PLUS an opening dis-assembly by Michael Daily and Valerie Kuehne.

Libations provided by Brooklyn Brewery. 5-15$ Sliding Scale donation.

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A weekly experimental cabaret
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