This Weekend at The Super Coda

The Super Coda unfolds twice this weekend. To celebrate the opening of a new space for new music, and to kickoff my upcoming tour: Valerie Kuehne and Clara Engel Draw Blood. Here’s the nitty gritty:

FRIDAY, March 9th. 7:30-11:
A Musical Round Robin @ Spectrum: 115 W. 23rd St NYC buzz 22

Valerie Kuehne

Clara Engel

Spiff Wiegand

Elime Sorbsel

Lucio Menegon


Charmaine’s Names

An Historic

There will be 2 sets of round robins, with a break in between. First set is Clara Engel, Spiff Wiegand, An Historic, Elime Sorbsel. Second set is Lucio Menegon, Upholstery, Charmaine’s Names, Valerie Kuehne.
What’s a Round Robin? – The term round-robin was originally used to describe a document signed by multiple parties in a circle to make it more difficult to determine the order in which it was signed, thus preventing a ringleader from being identified.[1] The term has evolved to account for any activity in which a group of resources is interacted with singularly and in a circular order.

Beer and wine available. 5-15$ sliding scale at door.
This is the FIRST SHOW at this space, Glenn Cornett’s new loft, that will feature the best and brightest musicians from new and experimental worlds. Come. Support. And ye shall have MORE.

SATURDAY, March 10th. 8-midnight.
The Super Coda presents: darkdarkdarkdark @ Sidewalk Cafe:

Yossarian Feedback 8:00 PM

Adrienne Anemone 9:00 PM

Clara Engel 9:30 PM

Valerie Kuehne 10 PM

Jonathan Wood Vincent 10:30 PM

Public Speaking 11 PM


Adrienne Anemone is the former ringleader of Mimicry Records’ The TunaHelpers ( and currently the lullaby banshee that visits Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter and guitarist, Adrienne Sneed, in her slumber. Her operatic vocals and gentle guitar pickings tug at the listener’s heart through thoughtful ruminations on fear, Christianity, child abuse, eating disorders, witchery, bravery and utter despair, all the while still bringing them back to that warm bit of sunlit earth that feels both vulnerable and exciting, terrifying and magical. Adrienne Anemone often uses handmade props, prerecorded tracks, and costumes in her (more) theatrical performances.

Jonathan Wood Vincent has played music since the old days when his father would submerge beautiful flowers into steaming liquid nitrogen.
Early on, it was apparent that making art was utterly impossible. Despite this, he has played, recorded and toured as a pianist, accordionist, singer, actor, dancer, and other things with lots of musicians and artists. These include Masashi Harada who conducts bands by flapping his hands in faces around a recording studio with chains and ribbons and Katt Hernandez and Tatsuya Nakatani, free improvisers who reinvent their instruments every day, and Zack Fuller, post Mortem neolicious scary dancer, and post Torah folk rockers Girls in Trouble, and mainstream alt country singer songwriter Eileen Rose, and a multilingual stripper rap band called Un Cuerpo Exquisito, etc., etc.
His newest project of complex yet tragically familiar piano songs connects the imbroglios between all of these projects to gently pierce your solicitous hearts.

“A voice magnificent and morose, lost in a world of single being in performance.” [Deli Magazine] Public Speaking is the music of Brooklyn solo artist Jason Anthony Harris. Utilizing found objects, radio, tape recorder, and vocoder, he pores over pedals to loop, warp and augment these sources. On stage, he’s often joined by a revolving roster of accomplices on saxophone, harmonium, piano, accordion, electric guitar, and clarinet. His performances are highly improvisational, with an emphasis on immediacy and site-specific sound.


Valerie Kuehne has been described as an “electrically charged virtuoso of all purpose cello.” Her work shatters genre and expectations, fusing together experimental, classical, heavy metal, stand-up comedy, poetry, punk rock, and folk idioms. She augments her performances with work as an impresario, organizing the Brooklyn based experimental cabaret The Super Coda, which seeks to promote artists working in uncategorizable genres, and educate audiences through establishing visceral and theatrical performance contexts. She regularly contributes writing to The Deli magazine and is a published poet.

Both fierce and delicate, Clara Engel’s music is reminiscent of an era in history when theatre, art, and music were an integral part of a bigger and more vital whole, an era that the 21st century is craving more than ever. Poet Janaka Stucky describes Engel’s work as “timeless songs that sound at home in the ribcage of rock n roll’s skeleton.” The underground, multi-faceted Canadian artist has independently released seven albums, and collaborated with musicians from the UK, Germany, Brazil, and the USA. In the words of Jeremy Reed, Britain’s most dynamic, adventurous, and controversial poet: “”Clara Engel’s voice comes to me from that deepest of all places, imaginative space, from which she visually retrieves an inner landscape converted by breath into the rock equivalent of poetry. Rarely has a voice sounded so authoritative, so unapologetic in its disclosures, so sure of its direction in going home into song. I’d say ‘Madagascar’ beats them all, and it’s only a beginning at harnessing poetic inspiration to the resonating dynamic of voice and the lyrical ache of a great individual singer.”

3/9 – IN NYC @ A musical Round Robin @ Spectrum – 115 23rd st. 7:30-11:30. w/Spiff Wiegand, Elime Sorbsel, Lucio Menegon, Upholstery, An Historic

3/10 – IN NYC @ The Super Coda @ Sidewalk Cafe – 94 ave. A – w/Adrienne Anemone, Jonathan Wood Vincent, Public Speaking, Yossarian Feedback

3/11 – IN NEW HAVEN @ Never Ending Books – 810 State St. w/An Historic

3/12 – IN WORCESTER @ The Dirty Gerund Poetry Show @ Ralph’s Rock Diner – 148 Grove st.

3/13 – IN LOWELL @ UnCharted – 126 Merrimack st.

3/14 – Recording Session in Boston

3/15 – IN BOSTON @ The Lilypad w/Ronald Reagan *Boston’s premier 80’s pop saxophone duo* – 1353 Cambridge st.

3/16 – IN MANCHESTER @ H.O.G.O w/Steve Norton, Arkm Foam/Kate Lee.

3/17 – IN PHILY w/Extreme Fishkin, Helena Espvall, Owen Stewart Robertson.

3/18 – IN PITTSBURGH @ Garfield Artworks w/Middle Children – 4931 Penn ave.

3/19 – IN CLEVELAND @ All Go Signs Warehouse

3/20 – IN LOUISVILLE @ The Bard’s Town w/Dane Waters and The Sandpaper Dolls – 1801 Bardstown rd.

3/21 – IN MORGANTOWN @ 123 Pleasant st.

3/22 – IN BALTIMORE @ 2640

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