The Birth of Public Speaking – 5/5/12

Saturday, May 5th at Vaudeville Park, 26 Bushwick ave. 7-midnight.

The Super Coda and Jason Anthony Harris team up to present a night of decadence, delirium, featuring artists from DC, also to celebrate Jason’s birthday! Performances by Public Speaking, Valerie Kuehne, Jon Mizrachi, Dead Beat Dad, Blue Sausage Infant (DC), Pilesar (DC).

“A voice magnificent and morose, lost in a world of single being in performance.” [Deli Magazine] Public Speaking is the music of Brooklyn solo artist Jason Anthony Harris. Utilizing found objects, radio, tape recorder, and vocoder, he pores over pedals to loop, warp and augment these sources. His performances are highly improvisational, with an emphasis on immediacy and site-specific sound. –

Valerie Kuehne has been described as an “electrically charged virtuoso of all purpose cello.” Her work shatters genre and expectations, fusing together experimental, classical, heavy metal, stand-up comedy, poetry, punk rock, and folk idioms. She actively tours the world with cello in tow, performing for audiences in Europe, South America, Canada, and the States to great acclaim. She augments her performances with work as an impresario, organizing the Brooklyn based experimental cabaret The Super Coda, which seeks to promote artists working in uncategorizable genres, and educate audiences through establishing visceral and theatrical performance contexts. She regularly contributes writing to The Deli magazine and is a published poet. –

Jon Mizrachi is a multi-inistrumentalist and record producer residing in New York City who has worked with a wide range of incredibly talented people over the course of his ten year career. He toured Europe performing with Essie Jain, who was signed at the time to Ba Da Bing Records (of Beirut fame) and also opened for Bon Iver at The Music Hall Of Williamsburg. As a producer, he did drum programming work on Angus & Julia Stone’s Platinum-selling album “Down the Way”, but you can’t really hear any of it unless you listen really closely to this one song. You can Google it though, he’s credited on there. During the making of the record he went to the beach with Julia Stone. As a young man he often hung out at Bruce Springstien’s house, but not where he lives now, the one where he was born in Freehold, New Jersey. There’s a Mexican family living there now. –

BLUE SAUSAGE INFANT is the work of Chester Hawkins of Washington DC. Since 1986, BSI has produced music that combines aspects of noise, drone, Krautrock, sample-plundering, dark ambient, and kosmische electronics to produce a multi-layered feast for the brain. Hawkins describes his music as “mean-spirited euphoria,” an improvised form of psychedelia with a glaze of paranoid tension. –

Pilesar (pronounced pie-LEE-zur) is a percussionist and songwriter who specializes in lo-fi home recording techniques. Instrumentation may include microphone, voice, toys, broken effects pedals, borrowed instruments, thrift store finds, tapes, a rotating cast of guest musicians and various other environmental factors.
As a soloist and collaborator, Pilesar has releaseddozens of fiercely independent recordings on his DIY netlabel, Chameleon Dish Archives. Many of those projects have also found a home on and are free to download.
Although the project began in late 1998, it wasn’t until recently that Pilesar ventured into the world of live performance. Since February of 2009, Pilesar has played a dozen or more shows in and around Washington DC (including the DC Counter Culture Festival, Artomatic,Sonic Circuits Festival, and the Kennedy Center) and he hopes to begin touring regionally next year. –

Dead Beat Dad is the solo work of Roy Neil Hunter, member of Ice Cream, Animal Tropical, MEAT and a recent Miami-to-Brooklyn transplant. Hunter uses an MPC and effect pedals to manipulate samples both lush and abrasive. This is his debut solo performance in New York as Dead Beat Dad.

Beer for donation provided by Brooklyn Brewery
5-15$ suggested donation for traveling artists at door.

About thesupercoda

A weekly experimental cabaret
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