The Super Coda opens at Spectrum – 9/7

I am pleased to announce that the Super Coda will celebrate a weekly Residency at Spectrum this Fall.
This Friday marks an opening night of music and performance featuring four dearly adored artists whom I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with this past year.
Let us all do our best to bring a unique kind of guacamole to this event, so as to revel in a proper guacamole potluck and encourage all the artists to use this delicious dip in new and mesmerizing ways.

JONATHAN WOOD VINCENT – Jonathan Wood Vincent has played music since the old days when his father would submerge beautiful flowers into steaming liquid nitrogen.

MATTHEW SILVER – The Great Performer.

DAVID GROLLMAN – Plays the snare drum. Shocks and surprises like a man who has just discovered he is the bearer of a third lung.

DARKMINSTER – the second incarnation of Buckminster, with Brad Henkel, Nathaniel Morgan, and Peter Hanson on horns, chatter, errata.

5-15$ suggested donation.

About thesupercoda

A weekly experimental cabaret
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