Coda of Horrors

Goodbye Blue Monday: 1087 Broadway
Saturday, October 27th
food/drink available

The Super Coda celebrates an early evening soiree of frightening sounds and surprise performances at Goodbye Blue Monday. Come, witness the sun set over Kosciuszko Street, feed your mind before heading out to one of the fated evening’s penultimate parties. (Last year I sat at home and wrote Sestinas. How about you?)


MERMORT (from Tokyo) – Formed in 2004, the five-piece sound/film collective from Tokyo has been creating another universe that combines rock, hardcore, progressive, classical and
noise galore. Their lyrical yet vivid pieces possess messages that bite you, then leave you with lukewarm feelings.

GLUE GUN OPTIMISM – the brainchild of Ed RosenBerg III. Saxophone and Composing and sometimes Clarinet and Beatboxing. grab hamster, grab hamster, wet-dry vac.

LUCIO MENEGON – Lucio Menegon is a NYC based guitarist, composer, collaborator and sonic artist. His work ranges from avant garde improvisation to melodic song and film soundtrack composition. With general disregard for genre, Lucio freely mingles angular riffs, sheer noise, small sounds and tunefulness to creatively combine the interesting and appropriate.

VALERIE KUEHNE – Sweeney Todd, American Cheese.

About thesupercoda

A weekly experimental cabaret
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