The Super Coda Variety Night at Spectrum No. 3

Friday (1/1/13) marks the third week of the Super Coda Variety Night Experiment at Spectrum.

7p – Open Mic
8p – House Band/MC
8:15 – 11ish – performances
Open jam involving the evening’s performers to follow.

Natti Vogel
– Combining “the swagger of Jim Morrison with the honky-tonk piano of an old-timey saloon” (, barely legal “indie rock fusion virtuoso” (New York Press) Natti Vogel is not above “throwing your own overpriced cosmopolitan in your face from behind his piano” (the Onion). Possible side effects include re-evaluation of music and your self (“Natti Vogel is an artist who can transform you” – Diane Taha of Associated Content, “Natti Vogel and his band do a wild part-vaudeville, part-pop, part-classical act that made me think about what music does” -the Brothers Frank).

Robert Dick
– With equally deep roots in classical music old and new and in free improvisation and new jazz, Robert Dick has established himself as an artist who has not only mastered, but redefined the flute. Known worldwide for creating revolutionary visions of the flute’s musical role, listening to Robert Dick play solo has been likened to the experience of hearing a full orchestra. His performances typically include flute (with his invention, the Glissando Headjoint®)piccolo, alto flute, and bass flutes in C and F. On special occasions, he’ll bring out the giant, stand-up contrabass flute.

Jeffrey Young! – solo violin w/ electronics. Jeffrey Young is a composer and violinist from Brooklyn, NY who specializes in experimental classical music and rock music.
Jeffrey has worked with Pierre Boulez and other leaders of the European avant-garde including Kaija Saariaho, Georg Friedrich Haas, Marc-Andre Dalbavie and members of IRCAM, Ensemble Intercontemporain, the Stellari String Quartet, and the Kairos Quartett during fo ur summers at the Lucerne Festival Academy in Switzerland, and with Steve Reich, David Lang, and Julia Wolfe at the Bang on a Can Summer Music Festival in North Adams, MA. His recent work as a solo performer has centered on his own half-composed, half-improvised music for violin and the software program Ableton Live, including two solo sets, which he has performed in Europe and around the Northeastern U.S

Lindsey Drury – Lindsey’s research and performance work in Dance has taken her all over the world, addressing socio-political contexts through collaborative movement. She is a maker of large scale project’s and performances. She has shown her work at Kitchen, in Draftwork, Danspace’s Food for Thought, and the MR Fall Festival at St. Mark’s Church, Judson Church, the BAX Upstart Festival, Dance New Amsterdam, The Chocolate Factory’s Throw, Bushwick’s SITE Festival, Vaudeville Park, Chen Dance Center, Superfront Brooklyn, and in Panoply Lab’s Performancy conferences, among others. Her cooperative space, The Woods, is located in Ridgewood.

What Color is your Machine Gun?
– What Color is Your Machine Gun? is the solo project of
composer/performer Brian McCorkle. He is the Co-Director of the
Panoply Performance Laboratory (, a collective and
performance space in Brooklyn ( He writes
operas with librettist Esther Neff and performs and collaborates with
artists all over the world. He is also a founding member of the
Varispeed Collective (, which performs epic
works of music in a durational and site-specific fashion

Lathan Hardy/Valerie Kuehne

Girls and God – I was once a bear. Life for such an animal is simply preparing for winter and enduring it. In my animal mind it was decided that I would not stand for this continuous cycle any longer. I was going to find a way to hold back the approaching winter. After the winter thaw, spring, and early summer leading to the solstice. The first thing that would change is that my diet moved from roots to berries. The revelation occurred to me that if I continue on a diet of roots the summer would be unable to progress. As that summer matured and the berries ripened I would approach the plants with confidence and say “I have seen the creator.”

Interested in performing at a future event? Contact me asap.

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A weekly experimental cabaret
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