Open Call: Trauma Salon

The Super Coda is accepting submissions for Trauma Salon, an ongoing attempt to understand the nature of Trauma in Performance.  Submissions should both consider Trauma as you understand it (have been exposed to, seen/felt) and how and why that understanding might change if Trauma becomes the focus of a performance experiment, in hopes that Trauma, as we experience and present it, might become more accessible in both a palliative and performed context.  This call is open to all disciplines.  As artists we can HELP EACH OTHER and GROW MORE PRESENT.
The following questions are to be addressed (in some sense, at least) in your submission:

1.  How does Art change you?  Radically speaking, how does one lose oneself (as audience/performer) in witnessing/engaging in a performance and become someone completely different?  Under what conditions do you think this internal shift might transpire?
2.  Why is Performance necessary/urgent?  How can this necessity be internalized and expressed?  Why should it be?  How can this necessity be used as a tool for perpetuating/embedding Performance as a social practice (or collective spirituality, modern catharsis, insert at will).  In essence, why must we, as performers (as well as human beings) do what we do?
3.  Why the the hell do you make art/performance/music?  Why is your practice important?  Why continue doing so?
Your proposal may suggest a means to inflict Trauma in performance.  You may attempt to physically disclose and permanently lose/change yourself.  You may find a way to be traumatized by the audience (or simply sign up for this).  You may simply perform as a means to uncover the essence of Trauma as expressed in performance.  You may make an enormous noise.  You may tell us what you are truly afraid of.  You may injure yourself. You may heal yourself.  You may terrify everyone and no one.  You may grow a second head.
The first installment of Trauma Salon will take place on Thursday, February 19th.  If you wish to submit a proposal for the opening night please send to no later than January 22.  Subsequent installments will unfold between March – Whenever it’s over; submissions for future performances are rolling.  All events will be held at Panoply Performance Laboratory in Brooklyn, 8 – 111p.  This series is part of a curatorial/intentional shift that is now taking place at the space.  For a detailed account please reference the link to the space above.
it should be noted that this series is NO SUBSTITUTE for any therapeutic measures one may take in their life to alleviate/comprehend Trauma as inflicted upon themselves/others.   We are considering Trauma in both an etymological and systemic sense, abstractly as much as physically, in hopes to better understand and intensify the nature of the art we make and yield some hope/help.  We don’t really want to hurt anyone.

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