Naked Roots Conducive & The Super Coda are THRILLED to present the first annual Brooklyn Experimental Song Carnival.

We will no longer force experience from experiment. We will create a context in which song once again births ritual. We will perform in protest of prescription bullshit and radio decay. We’ll attempt to witness song writing and sung performance from as many different angles as possible: from inception to decay, from influx to arborescence, from the entertaining to the funereal. We will dance between the lines of song and narrative, explosively

Our hope is to build a strong platform that enables us to make this carnival a bi-yearly occurrence.

Naked Roots Conducive will close each night with a performance.

We will all of us connect and continue connecting until artistic transfusion is possible, body and soul.


9/22 @ JACK –
Emile Lesbros –
Lipchitz –
Laurie Amat –
Jonathan Wood Vincent –

9/25 @ Torus Porta –
M. Lamar –
H. Honne Wells –
Timeghost –

9/30 @ Bushwick Community Darkroom –
April Fish –
Jaggery –
Frogbelly and Symphony –

10/3 @ Panoply Performance Laboratory –
Grex –
India Czajkowska –

10/7 @ Hell Phone –
Jeff Young –
Anais Maviel –
Ellen O –

We have launched a GoFund me campaign to help cover costs for traveling artists (of which there are quite a few). Please help if you are able to!

All shows begin at 8 with the exception of 9/30 at the Buschwick Community Darkroom, which will begin at 9pm.
$5-15 at the door.

i live to speak to/for Presence. i believe that the artists that i find qualify as experimental songwriters (or song-improvisors) are, as a group, totally present in their creative and performative processes. i can, with some confidence, say that the act of being present is the most experimental act of all.

to read more and check for updates :

About thesupercoda

A weekly experimental cabaret
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