the circumnexus flea market

See, that’s not true.  As a means to promote this event I just posted on FB that I have no knowledge of market strategies and/or target markets and it’s not that I don’t per se, because I observe their tactics at play quite obsessively at times, a more neurotic form of people watching.  What i lack is application.  We’re losing application so rapidly that if you’re paying attention while you’re in it you can feel your brain stopping, spitting like a bursting radiator, everyone just disappear already so i can buy this shit online.

what is it to know but not apply?  i don’t think we know.  out of fear, discomfort, irascibility, boredom, laziness, we don’t want to know.  not even so much that we don’t want to see ourselves wrong.  more we don’t have the time.  maybe we never did.  there’s never enough time when a bear is chasing you.  there’s always more time to shop around online.

this weekend we’ll build a market out of what we want, not out of what we’re forced into sacrificing.  i want to build with respect to who i am and why i want it and not operate at the exclusion of anyone who questions why, erstwhile aware that i’m privileged to have what i want to exchange in the first place, and with respect to this fact, ideally we build together, with care.  this is not some stab at a utopia, it’s just a market, only as applicable as anyone decides a market should be, only as instructive as your character permits.

here is a market in Novosibirsk.

here is the best cat.  3Ejxb


The Circumnexus Flea Market takes place November 4-7th at Palanzos Beer at 4614 Liberty ave in Bloomfield.  Liberty Beer is all fancy and shit and put Palanzos out of business before i moved to Pittsburgh.  Palanzos used to look like this.  Then the market changed. All we’re doing is changing it again.  We don’t get to say how yet because it hasn’t happened unless you’re reading this post post 11/7/16 and only then if you bother to start a dialogue going.

Here’s more info:

a FLEAMERGENCE operated by the performers & local vendors, celebrating & engaging through different forms of exchange and expression, with an emphasis on individual interpretation of The Market.

PERFORMANCES featuring locals and touring acts from the UK, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, and Cleveland.

FRIDAY the 4th:
9p – 12a
Midnight Market (post-Unblurred)
Performances by:
Jim Storch
White Alice
Nevhar Anhar
White Reeves

SATURDAY the 5th:
3-11p, performances at 8
Hannah Thompson
Abagail Beddall
Aegrae (New Orleans)
Matt Kiroff (Cleveland)
Anna Azzizi

SUNDAY the 6th:
3-11p, performances at 8
Jim Strong
Mario Ashkar
Silenius & St. Christopher
Valerie Kuehne

MONDAY the 7th:
Performances from 7-11p
Frogbelly and Symphony
Thousandzz of Beez
The Jack of Spades

Recovered Attire and Guises
Mars Mori Photography
Tapes ‘n Tapes
Hannah Thompson
Jim Strong
Queen Cuts
Mario Ashkar
Pariah Dog
Emily Elder
Anna Azzizy
Becca Epstein
Abagail Beddall
raw brocolli, it it, and random things
Hunter Colt Paulson
The Pittsburgh Buttoneer
Undeadhead Designs
Spaceglass Collection
Decadent Designs
Heidi Paul & Libby Musacchio
Solar Jewelry
TBA and creation, discussion, information, and ideas pertaining to alternative exchanges and self-preservation.



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