The Super Coda [ærgod ende] [sic] –

1.  philosophy . the end of an end that grows out of the end and continues to grow until reaching absolutely non-referential proportions;   never-ending.

2.  parapsychology .   a centripetal hallucination at the end of a musical and/or artistic performance.

3.  concert series .  an experimental cabaret curated by Valerie Kuehne, est. September 2009, that seeks operation under new/used Principles of Surprise, ideally resulting in inclusivity between different/unacquainted music/performance communities, as well as practical differentiation of individual musicians/performers within said communities, ideally resulting in interesting/anomalous performances and collaborations;  a fucking good time.

4.  blog . the occasionally philosophical, mostly introspective, and maybe dissociative writings of a hopelessly curious musician/performance artist with an extremely low tolerance for shitty, mainstream music/art, who would probably die for really fucking great music/art insofar as she almost died for non-music/art;  the result of a hiatus from the aforementioned concert series;   an ongoing platform for Music Writing/Reviews.

5.  geographical location . The Panoply Performance Laboratory;  Spectrum;  Small Beast; Ange Noir;  many other performance spaces, galleries, bars on a case-by-case basis, several basements, garages, back yards, and venues that are sadly no longer “living”.


contact valeriekuehne@gmail.com for excess information, mailings.

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