Ellen O

This album is a Gold Bolus release.  Gold Bolus is a Brooklyn based label envisioned by musician and composer Dave Ruder.  More info here – www.goldbolus.com/


I am trying to shake the conviction that Ellen O is a witch.  I know that she is not.  I know the suspicion and suspension as such say nothing of her daily ritual, plus I just know she is not a witch.  However there is something peculiar entangled in her synthetic musings and distant voice.  This something suggests a secret meaning, secret as in residing in an unknown location, perhaps lower than the ear can hear, probably everywhere at once.

In all likelihood this sensation is the result of this feeling of being drawn in.  The force is latent and lachrymose, always pulling inwards.  Think:  riptides, unusual weather patterns, persistent nostalgia.  The lyrics, personal and poetic, evoke a mysterious power.  Her words elicit places you have never physically been.  The more you listen the more you fall. The space behind the eye.  A primitive alphabet.

In casting a spell, time distends.  The spell is a solvent that grows stronger as the dissolution grows – the dissolution of certainty, of timing.  These songs, they leave you floating in a mojito, suddenly lost on your way home.  They will find you when you are weary.  Just when you think you are safe you are once again overcome.  This music is waiting for you.  Always waiting.

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