Mens Sana in Corpore Sano. Part 2: 2kjb


(For an explanation of why this is part two take a minute to read the first section/paragraph of Mens Sana in Corpore Sano Part 1 under Music Writing and Album Reviews.  It may be helpful….)

The only thing I know for sure that’s happening here is it has to be figured out in one minute, after which the happening will abruptly end and thinking about tacos will feel scary.  Yet, somehow you have another minute to figure it out.

This record is what will happen to us if we keep trying to procreate with technology.  It is also what will happen if we pick the extremely wrong toilet stall.  Something about a stained glass window cut into pieces that we are standing over whilst feeling dumb and trying to determine where they came from and whether or not we can put them back together without disturbing the molecular structure of the planet because they are blinking and not looking right.

There are no answers to what is going on beyond a set of material realities.  A series of 14 minute-long quasiperiodic exertions in an electronic series.  Someone pushed a button and this happened.  This is what happens when you ask too many questions.

This is a very good reason to listen to this record.  This is also a good reason to look at your foot for a while and give thanks that it’s there.  This may also be a good reason to cut off said foot and dip it in polypropylene, then call up Steve Reich in an effort to justify this action and generally connect with the universe but I am not liable for such actions.

All gimmickry aside, this record is really fucking cool and I could probably listen to it on repeat for the next 10 days and still feel positive about life.  

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