Upcoming Shows

5/26/16 at Panoply Performance Laboratory
104 meserole st., brooklyn
it happened today to this day. the same goes for tomorrow, and the day after. it happens every day. it happened all at once. ask yourself : do you actually know what will happen after? will you do it anyway? is anybody watching?
it could be worse. at least you haven’t peed your pants. stolen someone’s bike. sold your soul. bought facebook likes.
in such a way, we endlessly reflect.

rudy salpietra
TRAPped (Medea, 2016) attempts to open the Pandora vase on the traumas of unwanted motherhood and the stigma it still carries in contemporary society.
In its fragmented anthology of abortion stories, it merges biographical performance, psychodrama, participatory ritual and performance art creating a collective exorcism in which shame and guilt are purged.

amanda miller
Writer/performer Amanda Miller is premiering her clown piece, The New York Office of the Professions is Trying to Kill Me. For anyone who’s ever been torn apart by a bureaucratic nightmare.

garrett burrell

hector canonge

marita isobel solberg

andrew spano/huisi he

beer provided by brooklyn brewery

104 Meserole st., brooklyn
there is something inside of you. a void. no. a protuberance. no. a virus. no. an inconsistency in temperature. no. a child. no. you’ve forgotten it.
you forgot something so stunning that it caused you to forget what you were doing. you tell yourself stories to soothe the emptiness. you become the sum of all you’ve forgotten. one day, you look in the mirror and you’re old. you remember what you swore you’d forget. you carry on with your day.
in such a way, we endlessly forsee.
robert pepper (pas musique)
david ian griess
alex cohen
Sylva Dean and Me
Janna Pelle


3/1/15 at Panoply Performance Laboratory – 104 Meserole st., Brooklyn.
8p – $5-15

there will be a large ensemble featuring :

jack wright
zach darrup
evan lipson
ben bennett
jim strong

there will be spells spilling out of jill burton‘s throat

there will be drones/sorcery by david first

there will be a performance by brandon fisette



trauma salon : mastication & medication

2/25/16 at Panoply Performance Laboratory -104 Meserole st., brooklyn

we need catharsis but not right now. catharsis is the last great vestige of alien life yet composed of earth. we are catharsis. all the time. we’re just moving wrong.
run faster. scream louder. speak deeper. seek closer. love fuller. do more. do less. do less of more. do more of less.
in such a way, we endlessly confess.

The Endless Scrape
(Michael Foster, David Grollman, Sean Ali)

layne garrett/nate scheible (DC) – ,

jeffrey hayden shurdut –

martha cargo –

tom matera (MD) –

hey exit –
Hey Exit will be performing pieces from Caudata, a new album inspired by various folklores and symbolisms surrounding the salamander and its relationship to fire.

Valerie Kuehne & the Wasps Nests –

(this show doubles as my birthday, fyi.)



the brooklyn experimental song carnival – edition 2

1/14/15 : 8p at Hell Phone -247 Varet St.

Dave Ruder

Sarah Bernstein

Geraldo Mercado

Karl St. Lucy

Crooner & Duke



TRAUMA SALON : trauma & traume

8p at Panoply Performance Laboratory. 104 Meserole st, Brooklyn.

life, in many ways, operates as an incomplete dream. unhinged memories; fragmented ideals. in case of insomnia; reverse nostalgia.
a body at rest is there for the taking, if you desire it. read the tibetan book of the dead before bed.
in such a way, we endlessly dream.


Borts Minorts –

channel 63
channel63 channel63.bandcamp.com

Valerie Kuehne presents : Horror Vacui

TRAUMA SALON : masking & metanoia

8/27/15 – 8p – Panoply Performance Laboratory – 104 meserole st., brooklyn

the response carries over. the cry from the incision, the desire for intoxication. depression. adrenaline. hypnophobia. in the blank stare of incomprehension, immediacy is perfectly dangerous.
the beginning is lost. the solution eradicates.
yet : it is possible to live beyond oneself. it is possible to exist outside of time.
in such a way, we endlessly listen.

installment 6 :

sean ali :
I Don’t Want to Stop

jeffrey young :

We drone to stop time. We look for the essence of phenomena, the permanent instant that describes everything. We drone to confront the universal anxiety and the existential need to divide the indivisible.

DARK MATTER is Mene and Antonio Savasta, Argentine siblings. They have been collaborating in their artistic productions since always. They are now presenting themselves as experimental duo, exploring the possibilities of improvisation in order to build minimalist atmospheres and drones, fused with light experimental songs.

david ian griess :
an exploration of bodies hurtling through space.

public speaking :

5 – 15$
beer/wine provided


TRAUMA SALON : gravity and the grotesque

7/23/15 – 8p – Panoply Performance Laboratory -104 meserole st., brooklyn

the voice soothes; the body shudders. breathe in heat; heated breasts. we search our skin for unchanging signs. we seek to solidify this search through speech.
Hige sceal þe heardra, heorte þe cenre, mod sceal þe mare, þe ure mægen lytlaþ
(Mind must be the firmer, heart the bolder,
spirit must be the greater, as our strength diminishes.)
In such a way, we endlessly compose.

installment 5:

Hey Exit :
Hey Exit will be performing as a duo, playing arrangements of recent material that aims for an ambiguous middleground between loud and quiet, dense and sparse, bleak and optimistic – seeking not so much to oscillate between extremes as to find a space where they can coexist and influence each other.

Naked Roots Conducive :
Naked Roots Conducive seeks to provide education and cultivate awareness concerning mental illness, addiction, and trauma. Our music is about surviving devastation through the beauty of creation. We feel that in confronting personal difficulties head on and shaping them into music and art we find a means of addressing the reality of our condition. We seek to create work that reveals the experience, struggles, consequences, and revelations of depression, bipolarity, and addiction. In striving towards clarity and transparency we discover a channel for personal and interpersonal healing and tools for breaking down social stigma surrounding these diseases. We want to help others recover and find a way of living that is rooted in hope and creativity.
We will present a piece not unlike this mission and the darkness underscoring said emergence.

Meaner Pencil :

Courtney Lee Novak
Trauma is the where the innocent + open meets the twisted self destructive institutions of this world. The overlap between the godhead and the absurd self-hating conditioning. Being cut off from one’s true nature causes trauma/is trauma. Can we embrace it? Go through it? Transform/re-frame it? Can we be rid of it? Is it the inherent nature of modern life to cause trauma or is that a product of the modern mind? We must dance, is all I know.

video by Becca Epstein

An Open Discussion to Follow



TRAUMA SALON : contracture & catharsis

6/25/15 – 8p – Panoply Performance Laboratory – 104 Meserole st., Brooklyn

we survive to fix what is not yet shattered. we survive to comprehend what is not yet revealed. we survive to express what is not yet present. we survive to accept the inevitable mutation; of cells, hips, spinal fluid.
we shout from the gut. we spit off mountains. we smile at bruises. we do whatever is necessary. in such a way, we endlessly create.

installment 4:

are the best form of contraception ever; until they destroy your life.
“Who are you calling weak? Human jaws are surprisingly strong”
The trauma of adolescence. Feeling like your balls and mouth are made of paper. Paper mouth, Paper balls.
(Paper Balls features Lucio Menegon, David Grollman, and Jeff Barsky).

Jonathan Wood Vincent

The Ghost (vol. 1) (michael foster)

In this abstract performance piece, the death of a young prostitute plagues the mind of GREEN SUIT MAN while he struggles to come to terms with the violence inherent in both society and desire. Steve Roe performs as GREEN SUIT MAN, accompanied by Detta Andreana, Kevin Geraghty and Sam Sebren on noise electronics.

Butch Merigoni:
All Of It
Incrementally, over the course of the 20 minute performance, people will be asked to read from different texts. Every 45 seconds a new audience member will stand and read, adding to the layers of sound. This accumulation will continue until the room is filled with an onslaught of words, sentences, paragraphs and ideas. People have shared different reactions to this piece. Some find it soothing, others see it as chaotic. I see it as a day in the life of our minds: a constant, cumulative process of thought.


TRAUMA SALON : serotonin & selectivity

6/4/15 at Panoply Performance Laboratory.  104 Meserole st., Brooklyn.  8p.

The short answer is shit isn’t working properly. We observe defectiveness in nature: the end of laughter.
We feel & know that something is terribly wrong. We absorb. It hurts. Exactly how much is beyond our control.
Little by Little we shock ourselves into truth, trick ourselves into joy, find solace in the fact that nothing lasts, including our biochemical composition. In such a way, we endlessly grow.

installment 3:

Epitaphs Live: Colleen McCarthy & David Grollman
The epitaph is a short verse honoring the deceased, inscribed on his tombstone. It can be a brief record of his life, an aphorism, or words he lived by.
An extreme mood state can cause a warped perspective, in which that ephemeral moment of suffering feels like “the story of my life.” At the lowest depression, one might feel like he is dead already. –Say it were so, how would the epitaph read?
“Epitaphs” (Colleen McCarthy-Smee, 2015) is a book of short verses honoring the deceased and the not-dead-yet who suffer(ed) variously psychoses and suicide.
In performance, David Grollman and Colleen McCarthy improvise of the book, with David accompanying himself on snare.

Natalia Steinbach
I have struggled and suffered with depression and suicidality for most of my life. In this performance piece I will be sharing some of my experiences as recalled through journal entries written about a year ago. As an artist and as an individual who has dealt with trauma, I hope to raise awareness and promote education concerning mental illness, along with providing support and hope to others who are dealing with similar issues. I have learned a lot from personal devastation and I feel that others can too, whether it be from their own trials and strife or through empathy for those around them.

Brandon Lopez
I’ll be presenting solo works for upright bass, partially composed elsewhere, mostly composed in real time. The work, for me, is about consecration and organization in derogatory and chaotic sounds. The previous statement is reductive. I hope It helps you think, comforts you, disturbs you, gives you something.
Gives you something, and takes away your time.

Beuys Club
Meow, yowl, fight, publicly fornicate. territory, food, trash, eat. meow yow meow yow. i’m an urban cat. we are cats. mama and babycat, rattle my cans. street. sleep under a tree, in a bush in your yard. eat your trash. chase a rat. meow moew moew. if you dont sepak cat thats a personal problem. cage us, sanitize us, civilize us, transform my meow. impulse to reproduce, soothed. i am we are pre surgical, now post surgical. my yowl my cat i am a terror, idolize me.

with closing remarks by Esther Neff

TRAUMA SALON : recoil & reconciliation

4/30/15 – 8p – Panoply Performance Laboratory – 104 Meserole st., Brooklyn

this is no longer the time for ignoring growth. there was a time when obfuscation was necessary and numbing desired. this time is no longer present (whether you like it or not).
they speak of a beauty that appears of it’s own volition, that is not dialectically bound to the slow ache of decay as it subsides. We cannot be sure that this beauty exists. And so we endlessly reveal:

installment 2:

Lauren Lee
I am going backwards in time, unravelling myself until nothing but bits and pieces of my personality and life are left on the floor. Through this journey I will experience all emotions and no emotions, and the goal is that the audience will as well. I will be joined by Charley Sabatino on bass, who will be doing the same thing, but in reverse, starting from the pieces at the beginning and working toward becoming whole. We will meet in the middle for brief harmony before spiraling out of control in opposite directions again.

Alex Cohen
April has evidently been declared autism awareness month, so I think there would be no better time to discuss my own experiences with the condition. I’ll fully admit that I’m on the spectrum, and have both autism and a mild case of savant syndrome. These conditions affect every facet of my life, and I will discuss what I’ve dealt with throughout my life, and then display some of the supposed ‘upsides’.

Andrea Pensado
To my astonishment, Andreita (my ventriloquist doll) has taught me many things, things I still don’t quite get but that go deep within and heal me. Probably the most important one is that healing doesn’t have to be (only) painful. There’s incredible joy hidden within, I (just!) have to learn how to release it. The obstacles are many: fear, control just to name a few. I believe that personal healing is a social responsibility. It’s not an easy process, and I don’t think it has an end, but it’s a path worth walking… maybe just out of gratitude for being alive.

Michael Stablein
These six scores are an autobiographical study in the act of ‘passing’: the ability of a person to be regarded as a member of a social group other than their own, generally with the purpose of gaining social acceptance or to cope with difference anxiety.
The trauma earned in passing or trying to ‘pass’. The trauma earned in doing this ‘passing’ and renouncing one’s difference publicly. The trauma of seeking masculine intimacy that comes at a cost.

Shawn Escarciga will close the evening with a discussion of how we share trauma; how to channel pain creatively and how to face darkness in a way that allows us to present it to others (and ourselves) in a communally healing way

beer lovingly provided by Brooklyn Brewery.

interested in submitting a piece/performance for future installments? email – valeriekuehne@gmail.com

from wikipedia: the regrowth of lost tissues or organs in the human body is being researched. Some tissues such as skin regrow quite readily; others have been thought to have little or no capacity for regeneration, but ongoing research suggests that there is some hope for a variety of tissues and organs. Human organs that have been regenerated include the bladder, vagina and the penis.


TRAUMA SALON : autolysis & allelujah

3/19/15 – 8p – Panoply Performance Laboratory – 104 Meserole st., Brooklyn

i do not know if reconciliation with oneself is a lived possibility. i do know that a new ritual, synergy & spirituality is necessary for those of us who feel deeply, perhaps harshly.
this is a means to regenerate, to cope with trauma as art and as artists. society at present has no clear answer to this. and so we endlessly begin:

installment 1:

Leila Bordreuil

David Grollman
My father is dead. I want to put the pain and sadness I feel over his loss into what I present. I perform to move beyond this time frame and become a ball of energy outside myself. Make time stop for an instant. I want to share this with the audience and hopefully bring them out of time and themselves too.

Shawn Escargia
is a performance artist and dancer based in Brooklyn. He has trained and worked in Commedia dell’Arte, devised theater and various movement forms in Chicago, Atlanta and Italy. In New York, he has performed and trains regularly with the Butoh company, the Vangeline Theater.
Adam is an apology to the body from the body. Using Butoh as an exploratory tool, the piece re-examines an attempted suicide in an effort to forgive and bring peace to the memory left in the bones

Valerie Kuehne will close with a discussion what the hell happened, a search for meaning in bloody hands.

interested in submitting a piece/performance for future installments? email – valeriekuehne@gmail.com

Physician, heal thyself.

Time Dilation and the Acoustical Orb(it)

Monday, November 17th – Panoply Performance Laboratory – 104 Meserole st. – 8p

w/ SULT (Norway)

Sult is an acoustic noise trio with members from Oslo and Oakland. Their music reflects the noise genre’s concern with layers of sonic texture, though completely performed on acoustic instruments. Individual sounds run precariously aside one another as independent streams, and alternately blur into a unified mass.

The trio has been working together since 2007, and has regularly toured Europe and America. Their third album, Svimmelhed, will be released in November 2014, and a following album in collaboration with Lasse Marhaug is in progress. In 2014 the trio began working with live cinema artist Greg Pope, and was commissioned by Kunsthall Oslo to compose a new collaborative piece, Skeleton, for the Soft City festival.

Members of the trio have collaborated with musicians such as Bill Orcutt, Fred Frith, Maja S. K. Ratkje, Okkyung Lee, Michel Doneda, and Gino Robair.

“They combine to create a scrap-heap collage of dry, brittle, abstract sounds, which they control with exquisite patience in slowly developing cycles of tension and release.” — Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader

David Grollman/Nathaniel Morgan

David Grollman is a percussionist from NYC who performs freely
improvised music. He performs in art galleries, tiki bars, and venues
of curious ambience made more curious by his mongrel sounds.
David bows, scrapes, blows, slaps, rubs, caresses, abuses, and
generally tests the limits of his instrument. Anything is game.
Anything may be a participant if the musical conversation calls for it.
Artist, instrument, audience, and environment become ambiguous
terms, conspiring in a theatrical exploration of chance dynamics and
serendipitous exchanges.

Nathaniel Morgan plays saxophone, composes and performs music. He is from Ventura, CA and now lives in Brooklyn.

Sam Ospovat

Originally from Lincoln, Nebraska, Sam played piano and sang in boys’ choir before picking up his first pair of drumsticks in 5th grade. Late nights spent improvising in friends’ parents’ basements eventually revealed the wisdom of moving to the Bay Area, where he studied percussion with William Winant, Peter Magadini, George Marsh and lately with the Haitian master drummer Daniel Brevil. Recently relocated to Brooklyn, NY, he plays drums in BeepNaytronix,TimosaurusAnteaterPasswords (a duo with Lorin Benedict), CavityFangEnablersKapowski and his solo project PIKI.  Sam played with Cecil Taylor, Leo Smith, and Maryanne Amacher at Mills College, where he received an MFA in percussion performance. Since then he has worked with Tuneyards, William Winant, The SF Contemporary Music Players, Aram Shelton, Ches Smith, Nate Wooley, members of Rova Saxophone Quartet, Bill McHenry, Angelica Sanchez, Phillip Greenlief, and Ava Mendoza.

Causings w/ Sandy Gordon
Causings is a Brooklyn-based improvised duo project with percussionist Derek Baron and pianist/cinematographer Adam Gundersheimer.

Time Dilation will be seduced and explored by these performers as they engage the acoustic fields of Scraping, Sculpting, Noise, Object Manipulation, and Performance Driven Experimentation.

We hope one might completely lose oneself inside these sounds; that confusion will turn to fixation, that everything but this living, breathing acoustical sphere may disappear. This is a sound not without danger, as it may house the secret of time.

$5-15 donation

beer lovingly provided by Brooklyn Brewery

Ms. Kuehne Returns to Brooklyn after a 9 month hiatus and radical regimental changes including but not limited to:  Diet, Practice.

Saturday.  August 16th.  8p.  Panoply Performance Laboratory.
Valerie Kuehne returns to Brooklyn to perform Music and Intimate Mayhem 9 months in the making.  A violin trio composed of/by Storm Garner, Natalia Steinbach, and Jeffery Young will be provided for your listening pleasure.
Joining us:
Jonathan Wood Vincent – mastermind of sung and unsung structural anomalies in the field of song and piano.
Public Speaking – human nature resurrected beyond/under crooning and post-apocalytic noise/sound/exquisite beauty.
Ms. Garner will entrance you with a Single Song.
There may be others, fuck if I know.

Panoply is located at 104 Meserole st. in Brooklyn.  L to Montrose, J/M/Z to Lorimer.
Suggested donations highly encouraged.  Proceeds will support an Operatic Undertaking that is momentous and envisioned by the evening’s hosts.  (Neff and McCorkle.  LIVE IT).

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