Woody Leslie

This album is a Gold Bolus release.  Gold Bolus is a Brooklyn based label envisioned by musician and composer Dave Ruder.  More info here – www.goldbolus.com/


It is extraordinarily difficult to write and listen to the CTA at the same time.  You just wait for the gaps between the states like you do the shady underpass on a bloody hot drive in a car with a busted AC.  Then you may breathe a sigh of relief.

The best possible outcome here may be to reverse ones life to infancy and play the CTA as much as possible up through kindergarten.  The words “I understand language” will, at this point, find substance.

There are so many places to start with this defiant recording and even more questions as to how such a thing came to exist.  This is because the CTA goes right to the heart of the matter:  is the name of the state the state of the name?  Or rather, is Georgia an idiotic title for a piece of land?  Do you begin with the states you like, say, West Virginia and Alaska? Or is it more formidable to accept the incessant collision of alphabetized mnemonics as the optimal description for everywhere you’ve ever been and lived to speak about?  Or if you had to listen to the CTA on a road trip and nothing but the CTA would you just continue driving into the ocean?  Is colonialism actually a result of syntactical confusion?  Would it be rude to send this record to Stephen Hawking?

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