Musical preferences change.  This process is inevitable without necessarily being authoritative. One can prefer without condoning certain attempts at organized sound over others.  The end game, in my mind, has been a referential frame that is difficult to shove off, like laminate/coagulated blood.

Frankly, I was methodologically perplexed by this review.  This album is mostly outside my frame of reference, as a musician/writer.  Situationally, I have found that when confronted by this scenario the confrontee is prone to notice and extract specific details as opposed to coherent conversations.  You find moments that resonate and stick with them, albeit in a relatively disembodied discourse.

Acknowledging this in listening, and therefore listening to the acknowledgment, is interesting.  You begin to keep track of what you do know, as though adding to a scrapbook:  I first heard this album on a tour bus.  It feels to be a collision of spoken word and shoegaze – although neither of these genres do it justice.  Using words to convey sound may cause bloating.  However, it is necessary to continue.  Continue understanding.  Mold, like this album, a new descriptive phrase.  Try something different amidst The Tangle.

In response to the feeling of missing essential information, past lives/aurora borealis, I wrote the following review in a mode that generally escapes my referential field:  Poetry.

+ of moments lulled beyond bus and album:  

i am listening to this album on a bus and the music interrupts senseless terrain and recalls a brain suspended between intermittent announcements (which are definitely coming from the record it is cool actually the stylistic usage of announcements rising from afar) that could have come from a bus but not this bus and unsure of what to make of this as recalling it in another Time and Place feels more likely because the memory was actually a movie and there is a time this record could be playing and is and while not completely now the record is an accurate sketch of distance (the memory of distance) travel and lights that only mean something when spilling out of vehicles in the dark in cities you would like to stay awake all night in so you can eat and so alienated by food settle for fascination

+ the music and the bus are moving at approximately the same rate

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