Why Lie

This album is a Gold Bolus release.  Gold Bolus is a Brooklyn based label envisioned by musician and composer Dave Ruder.  More info here – www.goldbolus.com/

There is that part in The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (aka the sequel to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) where the gang is going to see Disaster Area (aka the Loudest Band and Noise in the Universe.  (Beyond this the details elude me because sometimes you read a book when you are 11 and can only recall a Loud Rock Band and Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters (aka the Strongest Booze in the Universe, and since reading is prophetic you’ve repressed any and all other details of the book.

(anyway)))) – This album is nothing like the Loudest Rock Band in the Universe but they may be performing at this Really Nifty Infinite Tree House Place/Venue on the Other Side of it.  The Duo plays to an eager audience, to whom they recount warm memories and topical incidents from the Planet Earth (which we all know was destroyed quite a while ago).  They sing of everyday objects in bizarre relationships (aka Life), thereby reminding us that taking anything for granted is fucking stupid.

And so, this album ends up being an acceptable conclusion to the Last Days on Earth.  If released at the Very Last Moment it’d be OK, because there is a quality surrounding the record, dream-songy and childhood-trainy, that mostly make you feel like it is, actually, Going To Be OK.  You lived it, now it’s over.  The recollections can be more touching than the touch, exponentially so, as her voice calls out as an announcement to the farthest reaches of Memory (aka Life, aka The Universe).

It is but a Noble Pursuit, singing the Memory of an Existence, especially after the world ends.  True Story.



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