Blood Noize

This is:

  1.  a step by step account of a great disaster caused by frosting.
  2.  a mental illness common to all Republicans.
  3.  the heart of the matter when you don’t know what the matter refers to.

I have not heard much in the way of successfully deconstructed music.  In the sense of Here Is An Origin, a commonplace formed, and Here Is An Undoing.  The shredding and shriveling of punk rock is delightfully clear in this album, to the point at which you wonder whether it did not always sound this way, all of it, actually.

This is:

  1.  A terrible method for herding cattle.
  2.  An homage to the dirtiest sock in Ohio.
  3.  A phantom tear ignored by 84% of humanity.

There is a city in this album that has rotted and burned all but the Grand Guignol.  This is the resident band.  They play to no one yet the show continues.  Every night destroying itself a little bit more, increasingly resorting to vomit and sacrificial chipmunks.

The average temperature (of the theater and potential outside) is neither hot nor cold but Loud.

(Also Volume 1 of what?  I am frightened).

This suggests:

  1.  The first day of darkness in Siberia.
  2.  Sound that will never succumb to sensory deprivation.  

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