This Week at the Super Coda

This week is like a round-off back-handspring while it’s raining famous quotations and you’re eating pie.

TUESDAY, 8/16. 8-11ish. Triple Bill featuring:

…VUK: From Finland. She is a rare gem, people.​music
Here’s the promo video she did for tomorrow’s show:​ch?v=ZPZAn8rut8U

ME: Jonti Siman (bass), Rohin Khemani (tabla), Jonathan Goldberger (guitar)​m/index.htm

Jeremy Gustin/Ben Davis/Xander Naylor (3 of the most talented and generous musicians I have ever known, also all members of the Rex Complex).

WEDNESDAY, 8/17. 7:30-11ish. Jason Anthony Harris continues his August Residency. this week featuring:

Robert Pepper/Brian Olin – guitar and electronics duo​anolin​-music

Ruben Sindo Acosta – of Afuche.​ensindoacosta

and of course Jason – http://jasonanthonyharris.​

THURSDAY, 8/18. 8-11ish. Extreme Triple Bill. Featuring:

Danny Sher Quartet – Ravis Reuter (guitar), Evan Gregor (bass), Jeremy Viner (tenor sax), Danny Sher (drums)​tml/itinerary.php


Jitensha – Omer Shemesh (piano), Nick Tardiff (bass).​nsha. FYI: In addition to composing polyrhythmic, oddly ambient free jazz loops for Jintensha, Omer tours as a Polka Singer. Come ask him about this.

FRIDAY, 8/19. 8-midnight. INSANE Night of Music featuring:

COOL MEMORIES (Chicago) –​lmemoriesmusic. These guys ROCK. FYI: Cool Memories is also the name of a book by Jean Baudrillard, a post-contemporary romp through America under the auspices of literary criticism. However when you google Cool Memories the musical version pops up first. Alright.

CHARLIE LOOKER – (of Extra Life, the Z’s).​/

and for the second time in one week, RUBEN SINDO ACOSTA! See above.

SATURDAY, 8/20. 8-midnight. BOUNCE CAKE 2. A night of comedy, music, art, cake. Curated by Sabrina Beram. This girl goes all out. Here’s more info –​vent.php?eid=2630407770424​22

SUNDAY, 8/21. 7-10. Carpe Geekdom visits Brooklyn as part of a US Tour. This is a collective of young men and women who sing folk songs about historical figures and superheroes. They are all heavily involved in the wizard rock community.

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