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Happy Fall! This house was built on a spring of musical potency and risk. Here’s why:

WEDNESDAY 9/5 8-midnight: This Tour stops by Don Pedro (90 Manhattan ave).

The Miami-based musician and visual artist Dino Felipe is embarking on a thirty-day tour of the East Coast and Midwest beginning at the end of September, 2011. With his supporting act, This Heart Electric, he will play almost one show per day.

Also featuring performances by CHILDPROOF (Brooklyn) SUSPENDERS (Ted Robinson) and JOVONTAES (Kraut Rock).​m/dinofelipe

FRIDAY 9/7 9-late: Phily based group THE SEA AROUND US plays The Tea Factory Lofts (175 Stockholm, buzz 102) with THE CHIVES, TEZEO, and BOY WITHOUT GOD.

The Sea Around Us –
This is the sound of the sun pushing heavy Night from our shoulders as the mountains obscuring its light slowly bow in submission to the Dawn. The layers of sound pull at the tangle of one’s thoughts; a daydream may ride home upon a song.

SATURDAY 9/8 8-midnight. Michael Durek curates The Super Coda at 13 Thames, featuring performances by:

8pm – $50 Trumpet (Brett Zweiman’s farewell show before Vietnam!!)
9pm – SK Orchestra (new tape release show!)
9:45 Brandstifter and Kerstin Lichtblau (Strait form Mainz, Germany)
10:45 Jerry and the t party


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A weekly experimental cabaret
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